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Graduate Courses in Energy and the Environment

Energy Efficiency

  • ARC 514 Environmental Engineering of Buildings – Part I (fall)
  • ARC 515 Environmental Engineering of Buildings – Part II (spring)
  • ARC 519 Climate Change, Adaptation and Urban Design (fall)
  • ARC 521 Elemental Building Function (fall)


Renewable Energy

  • CEE 566 Wind Engineering and Structural Dynamics (fall)
  • CEE 586 Physical Hydrology (spring)
  • CHM 524 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry – Photochemistry for Energy Conversion (spring)
  • ELE 557/ENE 557 Solar Cells: Physics, Materials, and Technology (spring)


Atmospheric, Terrestrial, and Oceanic Processes

  • AOS 523 Water in the Atmosphere (spring)
  • AOS 527/GEO 527 Atmospheric Radiactive Transfer (fall)
  • AOS 537/GEO 537 Atmospheric Chemistry (spring)
  • AOS 547 Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Convection (spring)
  • AOS 571 Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (fall)
  • AOS 572 Atmospheric and Oceanic Wave Dynamics (spring)
  • AOS 573 Physical Oceanography (spring)
  • AOS 575 Numerical Prediction of the Atmosphere and Ocean (fall)
  • AOS 577/GEO 577 Weather and Climate Dynamics (spring)
  • AOS 578/GEO 578 Chemical Oceanography (fall)
  • CEE 571 Environmental Chemistry (fall)
  • CEE 576 Water Quality Modeling and Analysis (spring)
  • CEE 586 Physical Hydrology (spring)
  • CEE 588 Boundary Layer Meteorology (spring)
  • CEE 593/AOS 593 Aerosol Chemistry and Physics (fall)
  • CEE 599 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources – Advanced Hydrological Modeling and Terrestrial Remote Sensing (fall)
  • GEO 505 Fundamentals of the Geosciences I (spring)
  • GEO 506 Fundamentals of the Geosciences II (fall)
  • GEO 523/CEE 572 Geomicrobiology (fall)
  • GEO 535 Biogeochemical Cycles in Earth History: Isotope Geochemistry of the Biologically Important Elements (spring)
  • GEO 538 Paleoclimatology (fall)
  • GEO 567 Geochemistry (fall)


Social Science of Energy and Environment

  • ENE 561/WWS 586C The Psychology of Environmental Decision Making (spring)
  • WWS 581C Topics in Economics – Energy Economics (fall)


Nuclear Energy

Energy Conversion and Storage

  • CBE 505 Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer (spring)

Clean, Efficient Fuel Combustion


Energy Systems Analysis

  • ELE 547C Selected Topics in Solid-State Electronics – Contemporary Challenges in Electric Power (spring)
  • ORF 455 Energy and Commodity Markets (spring, fall)


Green Technology


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